CrossFit Ricochet
206 W. College Ozark, Arkansas 72949
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Want To Increase Your Endurance & Strength?

At CrossFit Ricochet, our CrossFit Level 1 certified trainers will guide you through the CrossFit training program. Our classes are great for beginners and advanced individuals. Whether you are looking to build muscle, lose weight or just get in better shape, we guarantee our classes will get you there!

Weekly Schedule

Class Schedule

Monday-5:45 a.m., Noon, 3:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m.

Tuesday: Noon, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30

Wednesday - 5:45 a.m., Noon, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30

Thursday: Noon, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30

Friday: 5:45 a.m., Noon, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30

Saturday: 9 a.m.

Contact Info

Address: 206 W. College Ozark, AR 72949

Phone Number: (479) 667-2099



  1. Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance – The ability of body systems to gather, process, and deliver oxygen.
  2. Stamina – The ability of body systems to process, deliver, store, and utilize energy.
  3. Strength – The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply force.
  4. Flexibility – the ability to maximize the range of motion at a given joint.
  5. Power – The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply maximum force in minimum time.
  6. Speed – The ability to minimize the time cycle of a repeated movement.
  7. Coordination – The ability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular distinct movement.
  8. Agility – The ability to minimize transition time from one movement pattern to another.
  9. Balance – The ability to control the placement of the bodies center of gravity in relation to its support base.
  10. Accuracy – The ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity.

Strength Building Techniques

Use Of Kettle Bells

How To Increase Your Cardio

CrossFit Moves

How To Build Muscle

Weight Lifiting

Balance & Flexibility

Burn Body Fat

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